Think you know Functional Movement? Think again!

The Functional Movement Coaching Series (FMC) was designed to help fitness professionals gain the knowledge, competence, and skills to perform, analyze, and coach functional movement patterns in any client population. These fundamental skills are not taught in mainstream personal training or fitness courses, and leave too many fitness professionals lacking the skills necessary to produce lasting results with their clients, and keep them coming back.

The FMC program consists of three separate 16-hour workshops.

Level 1: Primal Pattern Analysis & Coaching Framework

Level one introduces the FRESH! Coaching Philosophy, and Primal Pattern Analysis Framework. Participants observe a real-time Functional Movement Analysis Session, and walk through a detailed breakdown of each of the 7 primal patterns. This helps establishing a baseline for movement quality in the coach and client

Level 2: Advanced Movement Coaching

Following up on the content of level one, level two introduces numerous non-traditional movement patterns, as well as mobility, agility, balance and coordination to help you work with clients in any situation inside or outside the gym. Level 2 also introduces the science behind movement, including fascia, fascial line training, trigger points, and tissue compliance. We tie this science into fun practical work that includes animal patterns, rolling, mobility drills and more.

Level 3: Loaded Movement Training Meets Traditional Lifting

In this level we roll up all of the movement coaching skills we learning in the first two levels, and apply load to them in traditional and non-traditional environments. We look at the typical lifts that people do in the gym, optimize the movement patterns and cueing during these lifts, and then explore many more effective alternatives and variations to traditional lifting. These include multi-joint tri-planar resisted and sport style movements, plus practical tools to create custom exercises and variations specifically targeted to the needs of your clients.