Live Events – Calgary

Course: FMC1 Primal Pattern Analysis
Dates: June 24-25, 2023
Time: 8:30am – 5:30pm
Location: Stephen Avenue Place Fitness Centre (#400, 700 – 2nd St. SW, Calgary)
Course Fee: $795 (Early Bird $545 by June 10th, 2023)
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More About This Amazing Program…

Certification Overview

The Functional Movement Coaching Certification is designed to improve the movement knowledge, coaching and evaluation skills of personal trainers, fitness instructors, and movement professionals to help them provide better results for their athletes while raising the bar for movement education across our industry.

This course is best done as a 2-day live event, but can also be completed as a 1-day practical event with the remainder completed online. Online content and examinations are still provided to 2-day attendees.

The clear benefit of live vs. online certifications is the ability to practice performing and coaching each of the movement patterns while getting direct, in-the-moment feedback from course instructors and fellow participants. There is also a great energy and excellent industry networking opportunity with live events. We’ve found that live event attendees are significantly more likely to integrate the information into their business and to reap greater financial rewards over time.

The Level 1 Certification Covers:

  • How to Harness the 4 Pillars of Performance, 4 Foundations of Function, and a detailed analysis of the 7 Primal Movement Patterns in fitness and performance.
  • Learn a comprehensive client Movement Analysis Protocol (Detailed & Express)
  • Applications & Modifications for Private, Small, and Large Groups
  • Program Design framework for movement vs muscle based coaching
  • Learn the positive business impact of a movement based coaching philosophy (i.e. how to market and sell this style of coaching)

This certification content was developed over 20 years of hiring/training staff in my own studios and as a master coach for multiple fitness companies (Twist Conditioning, Trigger Point, BOSU, LTS, ViPR, etc.). It quickly became clear that the information and skills I required of my own coaches should be essential knowledge for fitness professionals, but are not effectively taught in other courses (even the ones I was teaching for other certifying organizations).

I love coaching and want to see the professionalism of our industry grow, so a few years ago I decided to create a full series of courses based on my in-house staff training and existing knowledge base.

What to Expect in the FMC Courses


Level One introduces the FRESH! Coaching Philosophy, Primal Pattern Analysis Framework, performance breathing, pelvic and scapular bracing, plus the knowledge to utilize these tools in both private and group settings.

Participants observe real-time coaching evaluations and have the opportunity to participate in a detailed breakdown of each of the 7 primal patterns. This helps establish a baseline for movement quality in the coach and client.

Level 1 sets the stage with knowledge and practical skills that will be expanded upon in Levels 2 & 3.


Level 2 expands the content from Level 1 to include numerous non-traditional movement patterns, scalable agility, mobility, balance, and coordination drills that help professionals work with clients in any situation inside or outside the gym.

Level 2 also introduces the science behind movement, including fascia, fascial line training, trigger points, and tissue compliance. We tie this science into fun practical work that includes animal patterns, mobility drills, agility skill development, and how to apply these skills to virtually any population and demographic. In this course, participants will also experience a complete functional movement analysis session


FMC3 is where we take the skills learned in the first two levels while applying them to loaded environments and complex movement patterns. This workshop looks at the pros and cons of traditional gym-based exercises, and improves them with the knowledge of our primal movement coaching framework. We then evolve our coaching to learn why, how, and when to incorporate advanced loaded lifts, including Olympic style, and complex triplanar loaded patterns to our client programs.

Loaded movement training has been saved until Level 3 because it is important to gain movement competency before adding load. We dive deeper into the science of movement training, look at how our movement coaching and primal pattern framework fits with many common gym exercises, discuss typical mistakes made in the gym environment, and learn simple strategies for improving this approach. Finally, we will explore key program design principles that underpin highly effective and engaging client sessions.

Resources for Attendees

FRESH! Wellness provides the following resources for Fitness Professional throughout the levels of the course.

  • Functional Movement Analysis Coaching & Exercise Variations Handout
  • FMC Analysis Form
  • Course Manual
  • Online Learning Portal
    • Supplementary Course Content
    • Additional Tools & Resources
    • Quizzes

Professional Development Credits (PDC, CEC, CEU, etc.)

Functional Movement Coaching Workshop Series does provide credits for attendees from their certifying organization. Currently, attendees are automatically eligible for 15.5 AFLCA (Fitness Alberta) credits. Students have successfully been granted credits from CanFitPro, CSEP, NSCA, ACE, ACSM, NASM, CHEK, Crossfit, and many others.

Each governing body has different rules, though we have never heard of a student being denied credits for attending the workshops. After completion of the course, attendees can submit the syllabus/outline, and instructor bio (provided as needed) to their governing body for credit.

Have a fantastic day!

Tim Borys
CEO, FRESH! Wellness Group