The FMC2 workshop goes beyond the initial movement analysis sessions, and takes movement coaching to the next level. In this session we explore advanced movement coaching, non-traditional movement patterns, mobility, agility, and coordination. 

The skills learned in this session are invaluable for helping clients overcome their physical (and mental) limitations, reduce injuries, have more energy, and enjoy exercise more.

This session is a master class in how to more effectively use your body, and how to better coach clients towards movement skill acquisition. We build on the coaching framework and skills from FMC1, and set the foundation for movement excellence both inside and outside the gym.

Workshop Topic Summary



  • Fascial lines, trigger points, recovery, and movement
  • Developmental stages and skill acquisition/barriers
  • Rolling, crawling, etc.
  • Health aspects of mobility and movement

Dynamic movement, mobility, agility, and non-traditional patterns

  • Rolling and fine segmental control
  • Animal patterns
  • Fascial line training
  • ROM training (movement based flexibility)
  • Intro to gymnastics skills for the fitness industry
  • Agility, coordination, and speed drills

Incorporating this style of movement training into traditional workouts

  • When to use?
  • With whom?
  • How to use it most effectively?

Who is this course designed for?

  • Attendees of FMC1
  • Personal Trainers of all levels
  • Group instructors of all levels
  • Athletes and sport coaches
  • Fitness enthusiasts