Effective movement is the foundation of fitness, function, and injury prevention. As fitness professionals, we observe our clients move every day. Yet, very few courses are available to teach the fundamentals of proper movement, how to analyze it, and how we can improve it.

Teaching movement goes well beyond simply knowing correct exercise technique for traditional lifts. In fact, without correct movement patterns, your clients shouldn’t be using external loads. With proper Primal Pattern analysis skills, you will be able to more effectively help your clients reach their goals, avoid preventable injuries, and get better results in less time.

Fitness coaching should start with a solid understanding the complex interactions of the body, injuries, joint and muscle function, and the compensation patterns that we present at rest and in dynamic movement. Then, it’s about taking this information and understanding the impact it has during both real life, and exercise.

This 2 day (16 hour) certification course will provide the following knowledge and skills. Attendees who put them into practice will be among the top 10% of all fitness professionals, and able to command higher coaching rates. During the workshop, you will learn to…

  • Analyze and improve any movement patterns
  • Identify and modify the 7 primal movements
  • Teach a proper bracing and breathing strategies
  • Learn why alignment and activation are critical
  • Identify the limitations to correct movement and apply effective solutions from a variety of modalities
  • Apply these skills to your client’s real life situations
  • Gain practical and specific movement coaching experience
  • Incorporate these skills as a sales tool
  • Modify for large and small group sessions
Fitness Certification - Functional Movement Coaching (Primal Pattern Analysis) FMC1

“Tim knows his SH*T! The material was fabulous and extremely helpful.”

Mike K (Red Deer, AB)

“I left the course with my mind blown – all the things I went into the day thinking I thought I knew well, I didn’t! Keeping my mind open to the different ways of looking at movement and relearning them, I realize, is so incredibly vital for continuous improvement and progression with myself and clients! Thank you for the (re)education!”

Laura R (Vancouver, BC)