Teachmovement and the Functional Movement Coaching courses were developed by Tim Borys to fill a distinct gap in the fitness industry. They evolved naturally as part of his varied training, coaching, business, and elite athletics experiences over the past three decades.

Tim has been a professional trainer and coach since he officially entered the industry in 1991. During this time, he has worked with thousands of clients ranging from children to seniors, business executives, and professional athletes. His experience ranges from private coaching, small groups, and groups of over 100 people, in settings as diverse as large health clubs, boutique studios, and physiotherapy clinics.

Fifteen years ago, Tim began working as a master trainer to teach continuing education programs for other companies. These widely recognized and renowned organizations, include Twist Conditioning, Trigger Point Performance, ViPR, FitPro, and Lebert Training Systems.

Throughout this time, he was building his own training and coaching business with multiple studio locations across the province of Alberta, Canada.

The FMC courses developed out of the protocol used to train his in-house coaches at his company FRESH! Wellness Group. (www.freshgroup.ca, www.freshfitness.ca, www.barclayfitness.com)

After presenting to thousands of industry professionals, plus interviewing and hiring hundreds of others, Tim noticed a significant gap in the industry.

Trainers and instructors were being taught basic anatomy, and physiology, along with many traditional exercises and fitness tools, but they weren’t taught a simple and effective way of analyzing and coaching fundamental movement skills.

This gap is particularly evident in group training, where formal education levels tend to be lower for fitness instructors.

After honing these movement coaching skills internally with his team, and presenting smaller sections of his material at conferences, Tim realized that the more people in the industry could benefit from his movement coaching perspective.

This sparked the formal creation of the FMC course series, and it continues to evolve with every course taught.

Tim Borys is a professional speaker, author, and business owner. His book, “The Fitness Curveball: Hit a Grand Slam in Health and Happiness, No Matter What Life Throws at You” was released in early 2018 (www.thefitnesscurveball.com).

His company FRESH! Wellness Group, provides health, wellness and fitness education and programs to individuals and company across Canada. Tim and his coaching team are based in Calgary, Alberta.

Tim’s Credentials

BA (Psychology/Kinesiology)
Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC1 – CHEK Institute)
Medical Exercise Specialist (MES – AAHFRP)
Sport Conditioning Specialist – Master Trainer (SCS – Twist Conditioning Inc.)
Force and the Nervous System: Comprehensive Muscle Preparation (Jacques Taylor & Myotopia)
MFT – Master Balance Trainer (MFT – Vienna, Austria)
Certified Fitness Consultant (CFC – CSEP)
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS – NSCA)
Certified Personal Trainer (CPT – NSCA)
National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) – Level 2 Coach
Agatsu Kettlebell – Level 1
Master Trainer – ViPR, , BOSU, Twist Conditioning, Trigger Point Therapy, Lebert Training Systems
Dozens of conferences, workshops, seminars, and courses taken over the years
Author (The Fitness Curveball)